Welcome to Afford-A-Vet

If you live in Lexington, Kentucky or the surrounding area then you have found the perfect clinic to meet the wellness needs of your pets. Afford-A-Vet is a wellness Clinic focusing on the preventative health and the treatment of minor illness and injuries. We assist you in providing the best nutritional support and disease preventive measures to help your pet live a healthy full life.

As a wellness clinic that focuses on preventative health care. We keep our prices low by not having the overhead and expense associated with complicated surgical procedures and intensive hospital care or boarding. Our focus is to provide the wellness care your pet needs at the price you can afford.

We have two locations in Lexington to best serve you and have several articles on this website to help provide you with information to set your pet up for a healthy and full life. Please feel free to call us to make an appointment for your four legged family members to meet our caring and compassionate staff.

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